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Back to School with Cleo & Olive!

You know the saying... "There is no rest for the weary." It is obviously true for us!

Following the launch of Cleo and Olive Find a Home in November 2015, we chose not to rest and immediately started the process of putting together book #2. The idea that Cleo and Olive's next adventure would be to go to school had already been born. How we came up with that idea is pretty funny. We discussed in more detail how the idea came about in a local parenting magazine article. You can check it out here-

Once we shared the story with our illustrator, Susanne, she went right to work on sketching and painting. She worked diligently and quickly to bring the story to life in her colorful and beautiful illustrations. She has really perfected the process of capturing the dogs' unique personalities and individual details in her drawings. Once again, we found ourselves breathless when viewing them in person for the first time.

Our secret weapon this time around was enlisting the help of our talented and creative friend and graphic artist, Amy Askew. She worked around the clock to help us lay out the illustrations and text and helped us choose the most fun and kid-friendly fonts for the book. We were very pleased with all of her creative ideas, and we have received a ton of compliments and praises on the look of the new book.

We originally wanted to launch the book at the beginning of the summer, but the editing process consumed our summer and put us a little past that deadline. We decided that an end of summer launch would help us get in the mood to go back to school, so we scheduled a launch party for August 2, 2016. We were so grateful to The Oxford Public Library for allowing us to share their space for a few hours. The venue was perfect for the event. And although it was a nasty, stormy, rainy afternoon, we had many friends take time to help us welcome our new book to the world.

Will there be a book #3? You bet there will! But we did decide to take a little time to "rest" before moving on with the process. We need some time to enjoy our first two "babies" before making another. If you haven't had the chance to read Cleo and Olive's adventures, then you are missing out! Both books are available to check out at The Oxford Public Library in Oxford, Alabama. We would love for you to have your own copies, as well! They are available for purchase on our website and on Amazon. If you order through us, your copies will be signed by the authors and "pawtographed" by the stars.

Contact us anytime for special orders!

We hope today is a great day for you!

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