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What a Launch!

November 12, 2015! The day we had anxiously awaited for months had finally come! We were excited, elated, and a little nervous to share our "baby" with the world. Cleo and Olive Find a Home was ready to launch, and the celebration began!

In our opinion, the launch party at the Anniston Country Club was a huge success. The support by so many of our friends and family was welcomed and appreciated. We showed our gratitude to our guests with light appetizers and drinks. We provided additional entertainment with a photo booth and activities for the children. The highlight of the evening was introducing Cleo and Olive to our wonderful guests! The pups were well-behaved, and somehow they knew that they were the stars of the show. We read the book to the children, and the expressions on their faces said it all: "Cleo and Olive" would be a huge hit!

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