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      About Cleo & Olive



I was born in Hoover, Alabama on May 19, 2014. Life as I know it began the day "Little Girl" (some people call her Emma) chose to be my keeper.

We have so much fun together! She throws a ball and lets me chase it! I really like playing outside by the pond. The fish jump, and I bark at them to say hello. At night, I cuddle with my favorite teddy bear. Today has been a great day!




I was born in Northport, Alabama on March 8, 2014. I remember the special day when the "Nice Lady" wrapped me up in a Minnie Mouse blanket and took me to my new home. I have been cuddling in her lap and on that blanket ever since. We begin and end each day with an exciting game of catch. My favorite ball is green. I love to go to the beach and run in the sand. 

Every day is a great day for me!

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