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Cleo and Olive Find a Home

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Released November 12, 2016
Today is going to be a good day.
Cleo and Olive, two puppies in the pet shop, are excited because today is the day they will pick their keepers. When Cleo finds her new family, their excitement turns to sadness as they must say goodbye to each other forever.
Follow Cleo and Olive as they explore the world outside the pet shop doors. Will they meet new friends? Will they ever see each other again? This beautifully illustrated book is heartwarming and will leave you looking forward to their next adventure.
Cleo and Olive Go To School
In the second book of the Cleo and Olive series, the puppies find themselves boarding a school bus with Little Girl as they head for their first day of school. Cleo and Olive share the same excitement for starting school as Little Girl, but for Olive, the excitement soon gives way to fear...the fear of meeting new puppies, the fear of learning new tricks, the fear of being different. Cleo quickly jumps in to help her best friend overcome her fears. The beautiful and colorful illustrations and entertaining story parallel the activities of the puppies' school to those that occur within a typical school day. All children will be able to relate this story to their first day of school. Follow Cleo and Olive as they experience school for the first time. Although this book is ideal for children ages 3-9, and an excellent resource for emerging readers, this is definitely a story the whole family can enjoy.
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